Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gram and Gramp's 60th Anniversary

On Sunday my mom and I took the kids to Fitchburg for a cookout to celebrate my grandparent's 60th anniversary.

My uncle had found a baby bird on the lawn so my cousin had been taking care of it.

There were also a bunch of birthdays to celebrate. Cousin Shelly let Madison and Jackson take turns blowing out the candles.

Jackson loved the cake.

60 years = 4 children, 6 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, 1 great great grandchild

Jackson was eyeing my cousin Jeff's motorcycle in the driveway the entire time we were there. They were both pretty happy when they got the chance to sit on it.

This is cousin Scott's granddaughter who is 4 months older than Madison and Jackson. She was at my baby shower :-)

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