Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Graduation party for Olivia and Emily

Two of our cousins graduated on Sunday so they had a joint party at Olivia's house. Unfortunately it was a cold damp day but it didn't slow down the kids from running around playing in the yard for hours. There are a lot of young cousins and they all played so well with Madison and Jackson. It was so cute to see them playing and interacting with them.

Jackson eyeing the cake. I had to drag him away crying.

As soon as we parked the car that day Madison decided to throw up all over herself. Lovely. Luckily I had brought a sweater for her that she wasn't wearing yet.

They had a massive tarp over the entire back yard!

David and Rob (dad to Gracie and Gavin)

Jackson was in heaven with all of the attention and wrestling opportunities.

The graduates. They were 7 when I met them!

The kids played until after it was dark out. Madison and Jackson's cheeks were so red from all the exercise and they were all sweaty even though it was so cold out.


Weeze said...

great photos!!! I just wished it would have dawned on me that 5 mo old babies would not be able to handle that much attention and we would have gotten a sitter so we could stay longer!
It gets better, right?? ;P

Shannon said...

I love the photos of them in the playhouse! What really stuck out to me, though, was how everyone is bundled up in sweaters/hoodies. What is the weather like up there? It's 105 and hot as hell down here in Texas.