Tuesday, August 04, 2009

BBQ and First trip to Gillette Stadium

This past Saturday Gia had her annual BBQ. We spent a few hours there. Jackson was a total fish again in her big pool. He was swimming completely alone with the floatie on. He didn't want me to touch him at all. He even jumped in once without holding onto my hands.

Look how big Max is!!

After the BBQ we went straight to Gillette Stadium to take the kids to their first professional soccer game. We also tailgated before. They had fun running around in the parking lot kicking a soccer ball around. We had chicken that Chris made on the hibachi and cookies for dessert.

At the beginning of the game they were very excited by everything to look at. They loved how everyone was clapping and cheering.

Maddie even did a little singing.

As was to be expected the game didn't hold their attention so they were climbing all over the chairs and us. At half time we took them out to walk around. Once we brought them back to the seats for the second half they wanted nothing to do with being there. We stuck it out for a little while longer but left about 20 minutes before the end and as we were walking out of the stadium we heard a huge roar. We totally missed a goal! The kids would have loved that.
I initially only wanted to bring one of them then bring the other one to the next game but Chris wanted to bring them both. Now I don't think he'll even want to bring one back.

Go Revs!

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Wendy and Karen said...

I love the new blog header! Wow!

Great pictures as always. It's hard when you want the kiddos to enjoy something with you and they simply won't. It makes me grind my teeth sometimes.