Saturday, August 15, 2009

First time painting

I was finally brave enough to face the mess of painting.

The very first thing Jackson did when I opened the first paint was stick his finger in and lick the paint off. He didn't do it again.

Once he realized he was supposed to put the brush in he would only dip it in ALL the way causing all of the paint to spill over the top. I realized then that I should have gotten water paints.

The painting started off not so bad but then they wanted to open another color. Then another and another...

Until all of the colors were just smooshed together. Then they started finger painting meaning Jackson shoved his whole hand in there.

Then came the body painting...

All of the paint containers are now just black. We haven't painted since.

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Wes and Rae Leytham said...

But, they are sooooo cute!!