Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bradley Palmer

I can't believe it's August and we just went to the splash pool at Bradley Palmer State Park for the first time this summer the other day.

Last year was a little tough for me to bring them because they weren't real steady on their feet so they were constantly getting knocked under the water. But this year was a whole different story. I could literally sit in my chair and just watch them have fun. AAAAHHHH. It was great.

There is a playground right next to the pool so they constantly go back and forth. They both climbed this ladder for the first time all by them selves. I actually had to hold back the tears because they are getting so big.

Maddie decided she was going to do laps around the playground. She was skipping and singing all the way around.

There was an older boy who had a ball playing with Jackson. They chased each other around for a long time.

Then they stole some other kid's floaty and fought over it. Fun times.

The parking lot that we park in is about a half mile walk from the pool. We took in nature on the way back. They watched this butterfly for a while and were pointing at all of the bugs.

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Wes and Rae Leytham said...

Awww!!! Why DO they grow so fast?? I really think M looks like you, but in that serious one, she looks like Chris!