Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alyssa and Raphael's Christening

Today was the Christening. This is the same church Mike and Kristen
got married in a little over a year ago. Luckily Madison and Jackson
were FAR better behaved today than they were at the wedding. Eileen
and Chris's Aunt Judy took care of them during the ceremony and
mass. They didn't even cry when they saw Chris and I go up on the
alter for the baptism.

Here is the clan before the ceremony.

Raf got to pour the holy water into the bowl. It was funny because he was pouring it really slowly. I could see that the pitcher was FULL. The congregation was starting to snicker that it was taking so long. Finally Mike told him to dump it out.

Alyssa with Godfather Chris and Godmother Melissa (Kristen's cousin)

Raphael with Godmother (Me!) and Godfather Joe (Mike's best friend)

Fist bumps for the Reverend.

Back at Bruce and Eileen's house we had lots of yummy food and cake.

Alyssa and Grandpa fell asleep in the chair.

Raf was sneaking up on Jackson.

On a side note I wanted to say how happy I am that Kristen and Mike picked me to be Raffi's Godmother. Since I don't have any siblings I never thought I would get the opportunity and this meant even more to me since they chose me based on the relationship he and I have.

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