Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eve of the New Year

Chris and I took the kids up to Mike and Kristen's for the evening.
We figured we'd stay til about 10 then head home.

Here are some of the boys playing xbox.

Jackson playing with Raffe's toys.


10 o'clock came and went and the kids were having a ball. People were playing with them and chasing them around. Then someone got out the nerf guns.

This is Kristen's dad Steve getting pegged in the ear by Mike.

And here is his loving family laughing at him.

Eventually Maddie and Jackson got their hands on the guns. They weren't strong enough to pull the triggers and were getting very frustrated.

Around 11:30 the dual meltdowns over the guns had taken their toll on everyone there so we decided to put the guns away and that was the end of our welcome. We had to quickly pack up and rush two HYSTERICALLY screaming children to the car. Chris and I weren't really speaking at that point so we celebrated the new year in the car in silence.

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