Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday party

We had the kids' party yesterday at the big play place that all of our friends have had their parties. We went back and forth about having the party at our house or at a play place. The guest list consisted of mostly kids and the thought of not having to clean, buy stuff, set up, and clean up was really nice.

I got the cakes from the same cake lady I get all my cakes from including our wedding cake. I sent her pictures of what I wanted and I got these gorgeous cakes.

Sophia had fun playing.

Pizza, balloons, drinks, and ice cream were included.

Jackson watching everyone sing to him.

Maddie watching everyone sing to her. I had everyone sing twice so they each had their own song and chance to blow their candles.

Nichole won the jackpot on this machine. All the kids were so excited.

This is what she got with her tickets.


Wendy and Karen said...

I really wish we could have been there with you. We'll have to get together someday. It looks like a wonderful party.

Happy Birthday!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Us too! Can you believe they're three?? Nice family pic at the end.