Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 17, 2010: Madison and Jackson's 3rd birthday

Chris took the day off again this year so he could spend it with us. It was the first day it wasn't raining in 3 days so we were all very excited to get outside and play!

Jackson was doing everything with his tongue sticking out that day.

Getting their birthday cards out of the mailbox.

I noticed that my crocuses were in bloom! Spring spring spring!!!

Uncle Mike, Auntie Kristen, and Alyssa came over to give them their presents.

Maddie was loving her Minnie bathing suite coverup.

Little did we know what was contained in this box would be the most prized gift she ever received. It was from Nana Fitzy. Maddie calls it her princess case. It's a plush makeup case with stuffed makeup in it...a lipstick, a compact, and nail polish. She sleeps with it every night and has to take it everywhere she goes.

Here she is walking around with it.

Nana and Papa came over to visit in the evening.

When Jackson sees Nana he puts his arm out like this to her.

He knows she will kiss it all the way up. It makes him laugh so hard.

We were outside from 10am to 7pm minus a two hour nap. It was a fabulous family day celebrating Madison and Jackson's 3rd birthday.

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