Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6th Annual Girls Weekend 2010 - Chicago

Our very first Girls Weekend was held in 2005 in Chicago where Susan lives. She was so excited to have us out there that she made us all t-shirts for the occasion. Every year since then we've all taken turns making a gift with "Girls Weekend" written on it somewhere. Since it was back to Susan's turn to "host" we decided we really should go back to Chicago. She's flown to Boston the last 4 years so it was only fair :-)

Kristin, Brenda, Rachael and I drove to Logan early Friday morning and parked the car. Travel went smoothly and the flight was not as bad as I had anticipated since I hadn't flown since 2005 and I HATE flying. At one point we were all sitting at the gate waiting to board the plane. We were all complaining that we all had a sore neck in the sam exact place when a guy sitting near us pipes in and say very dryly, "Did you ever think maybe it's because you're a pain in the neck?" We were all stunned and silent for a moment then burst out laughing. Kristin told him he better hope he isn't sitting in front of us on the plane. We chatted with him until we boarded and wouldn't you know it, he sits down directly in front of me. We were cracking up.

Susan picked us up at O'Hare and had our amazing gift bags ready for us. Vera Bradley bags stuffed with candy and a glass etched with "girls weekend" on it. I've never had a Vera Bradley bag before but I absolutely love it and get all kinds of compliments on it.
From the airport we went straight to our hotel, The W right on the lake. This was the view!

We stayed in a three room suite thanks to Susan and all of her points she has saved up from traveling so much for work.

We hit the town and had lunch and walked up Michigan Ave to Millennium Park since we didn't see that the last time we were there.

The tall building on the left is the hotel we stayed at in 2005.








We walked all the way back down Michigan Ave hitting Victoria's Secret on the way. Our destination was the John Hancock Tower.

Obviously the view was breathtaking.


We realized that Amy Smart was sitting at a table near us.

She was sitting with this woman (with the lipstick). I didn't recognize her but my friends said she looked like someone famous. Any ideas?

Brenda's sewer drink. HAHA We were making fun of it since it looked so unappetizing.


After the tower we had to head back to the hotel to freshen up for our dinner reservation at Le Colonial. We ate there the last time were there too.

So as to not feel like total old ladies we made sure we hit a bar on Rush Street before heading back to the hotel.


We only stayed for one drink then hailed a cab back to the hotel.

We were all so tired from being up so early that morning that we just got ready for bed and hung out talking.

The next morning we got up and walked to Navy Pier. We had an early lunch since we missed breakfast and walked to the end and back. We did a little shopping then went back to the hotel to pack up for check out.

Susan took us to a cute place called Long Grove where we did some shopping then she took us back to her house. On the way back to her house we stopped at Noodles to get dinner. Susan's husband eats here at least three times a week so we just HAD to go.


A year after the last time we were there Susan's house was struck by lightning and caught on fire. Thanks to a mysterious phone call they had moved to the basement when the roof directly over their bed (where they had been) was struck. Then thanks to their neighbors banging on the door they got out of the basement and out of the house safely. I remember when I found out, I was was pregnant and hormonal and I cried like it happened to me. It is seriously my biggest fear and to have it happen to one of my best friends was so sad.

Anyway their house had to be gutted and rebuilt. They also took the opportunity to move the kitchen/dining room layout around. We hadn't seen it since then so we were excited to see it. It looks amazing!
(I'm thinking her porch roof isn't really warped but that would mean there is something seriously wrong with my lens!)

We just hung out eating and drinking. We tried our best to stay outside but the mosquitos were just too bad.

We made quite a few attempts to get a timed shot of us all...



Our husbands like to think we're having pillow fights.


Sunday morning Susan's husband came home with their son. We were so glad to get to see them.

The hardest part is saying goodbye. Susan is such a great friend and it's so sad that she lives so far away.

Unfortunately our flight home was not as smooth as the way out there. It was incredibly bumpy and I was SO motion sick. I kept looking for a bag to throw up in but it never happened. I was worthless the rest of the day though.

Can't wait for next year (when we don't have to travel by plane)!

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