Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Children's Museum

Last week we went to the Boston Children's Museum with Rachael and Nichole. I'd been wanting to go but wanted the kids to be old enough to enjoy it. They are the perfect age to start going! They absolutely loved it. We could have stayed from open to close.

The day started out at the Lynnfield Library where I had to take a photo for an article in the local paper so while I was there I took some pictures of the kids since it was the 17th. They are getting so much better about letting me take their picture. I'm loving it!




When you first walk into the museum there is a three story climbing structure held together with wire and surrounded by netting. Maddie and Jackson didn't go too far up into it because it was so cray with older kids. I think they got scared.

Once upstairs we stopped at the butterfly wall. It was a projection screen and if you stood still a butterfly would land on your head or shoulder. They loved it and so did I!



This was in the water room. They spent a lot of time in this room.



I'm sure you're not supposed to climb on chirp but I'm also sure he's not the first one to do it.

A big air/ball thingy. When you push the button it would blow a burst of air which would blow a ball out of the tube. They loved that too.


While we were there I was approached by an MIT student conducting research on cognitive learning. I love stuff like this and was glad to have Madison and Jackson participate. She took them to a little table where I stayed out of view. It was so cute to see them talk with her and listen and respond.


These bikes were another favorite. It was so cute because the harder you pedaled the more lights lit up on the board in front of you. Maddie was cheering him on saying "One light! Two lights!!" She was so excited for him :-)

We had lunch at the au bon pain that is right there then went to the golf ball room. Jackson was in heaven.

Then we went to the construction zone which was another big hit.

We wanted to try to leave there because getting home from Boston can be very traffic heavy. We got the kids downstairs and they all wanted to go in the climbing structure again. Nichole and Jackson went all the way to the top and came back down!! Madison made it to about my head height when a group of older boys pushed their way past her. They really didn't do anything wrong but she was petrified and screaming her head off. I tried telling her how to get out but she was just beside herself. Other kids in there felt bad for her and were trying to help her out but she was just reaching desperately for me through the ropes. After 5 minutes of trying to coax her out I had to go in. It wasn't pretty. It's small in there! Luckily I just had to get to the point where she could see my head and she came with me. She cried in my arms for a long time after that. Poor kiddo. I wanted to take more pictures of M&J so we went outside and this is what I got from Maddie...

I did manage to pep her up with the promise of milk.

Nichole is always an easy model.

I can't wait to go back!!


Sara said...

Wow! Looks like a blast!

Wendy and Karen said...

Fantastic pictures! They are just awesome. Tell Maddie that the climbing structure scares me just looking at it. She did great climbing as far as she did.

Wish Kylie could play there with your kiddos and you and I could sit back and shoot pictures of them together.