Thursday, December 06, 2007

First real bath

I decided to give the kids a bath in the bath tub for the first time. They had started splashing around a LOT in the baby bath tub which I thought was pretty dangerous since there are electrical outlets on the walls around the counter.
So I filled up the tub just a few inches and they LOVED it! They splashed and splashed and played with the duckies.


Wendy & Karen said...

I love Jackson's expressions in these photos. In the first one, he looks a bit maniacal about his bath. In the last one, he looks as if he's thinking, "If I push down on this, will my sister also go down the drain?"

I can't imagine trying to bathe them both. Just bathing my Kylie keeps me busy enough.

Stacie said...

Super-duper cute. Try bubble bath or blowing bubbles both of which are huge fun at our house.

lesleysmeshly said...

So cute! Bath time is a HUGE hit in our house. Every night when I start running the water the Crazies both start screeching and come crawling into the bathroom as fast as they can. The only hard part is when they try to stand up in the tub and then get mad when I won't let them. (oh, and when Shenzie tries to play with Heatens winky) =)