Monday, November 17, 2008

20 Months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

Only 4 incredibly short month and you will be 2 years old. That is just wild. I'm still having a hard time with the passing of time. It really bothers me that we spend so much time dealing with life's daily issues (food spilled on floor, needing more milk, diaper changes, etc.) that I just don't get enough time to reflect on our experiences. For instance, I take a ridiculous number of pictures of you both. I get them off the camera onto the computer. I look at them. I post the best ones to the blog. The rest I basically never see again. Who has the time? I wish I did because I still feel like this is all slipping away from me. So I'm glad that I have this blog to record all of our memories.

We had a pretty uneventful month with the exception of your second Halloween. Your costumes were a big hit. Everyone thought they were so cute even though the significance of them was lost on the non Star Wars fans.

You both repeat most words that we want you to say. If it's a word that you can't say, you'll say "Da?" Sometimes we'll say big words just to hear you say "Da?" You both say airplane (eee peee)(now when you say it, I'll look in the sky and there will be one there!), more (murh), moon, apple, cheese, cup. I'm sure there are more but there are just too many to remember.

You both climb up to the top of a slide, sit down, and go down the slide by yourselves. Maddie's version of sitting down is throwing her feet out from under her and landing on her butt. She also does this while jumping on the futon.

Daylight savings time messed up our very good schedule. For about a week you were getting up an hour too early. After that we had a good normal week, then the last few days you have both boycotted bedtime. Your naps have been pretty consistent from 2pm -4pm or 5pm but for some reason going to bed at 9pm just isn't happening anymore. It's more like 10 or 11!

Eating is still an issue for both of you. Everything is just hit of miss with you. I think I've stopped worrying about it now because that's not helping anyway.

Dear Jackson,

You don't say as much as your sister but I know you understand everything we say and what you do say is so cute! We just love your voice. You like to say ear (eee) and LOVE to point out everyones ears. You'll even look at the tv and and point to the people's ears. Just tonight Daddy called me at work to have you say sheep over the phone. I thought you said something else and wasn't happy that Daddy would teach you such a word, but turns out you said sheep.

This month out of nowhere you have become glued to the TV. We really don't watch that much TV during the day mostly because neither of you ever seemed captivated enough by it for me to take advantage of it (like take a shower). Now you can't take your eyes off the screen. You mostly love Mickey. Today you woke up from your nap earlier than Madison so I brought you in the living room. You were very upset that Madison was still in the bedroom so in order to take your mind off it I sat in the chair with you and watched a recorded Mickey. I really should have taken a shower during that time but I was enjoying sitting with you so I just stayed. When that was over, you went back to wanting to get Maddie AND I had to take a shower before going to work so I put on the same episode again. You sat in the chair and didn't move a muscle. Daddy came home after that. Once you were done wrestling with him you wanted Madison again and I had to go to work. Daddy put on Mickey again! You didn't move.

You're wearing 18-24 month clothes and size 6.5 shoes. Size 4 diapers are getting snug on you.

I love you buddy!!!!!

Dear Madison,

You love to tell Jackson "no no". One night you were watching bambi, shaking finger at the tv saying "no, no, no".
You say a lot of words on top of the ones you say along with your brother. Nana (neena). You just recently said it to Nana as she walked in the door. You say owl, nine, two, purple, pink cup (pickup), knee, Mike, DB, Raffe (Rabby), bubble, cracker (caca), puppy, Mickey.
You have started to tell us right away when you have a stinky diaper by grabbing your diaper. Only once or twice have you not been stinky and I think that you are also telling me that you peed. I really have to get a potty for you. I've been meaning to for months now but you really seem to be showing signs of being ready to potty train!
You love to put things away and make sure doors are closed. You aren't all that interested in TV. You'll watch the first 5 minutes of a show then you're up and playing with toys or whining to sit in my lap.

You're just about growing out of your 12 month clothes. They basically fit you like a glove now. You wear size 5 shoes.

Last night when you boycotted bedtime. I got you up and sat with you on the couch. You laid there until you fell asleep and then I kept you there for another hour. I miss being able to hold you like that without a struggle.

I love you love you love you baby girl.

Love, Mommy

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Wendy and Karen said...

I love your letters to the kids with their updates. Thanks for sharing.