Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today Maddie said monkey clear as a bell while repeating me. Next thing I knew she picked up a book, pointed to a monkey and said monkey on her own!

She also repeats I love you (ah wou).

I solved our housing crisis for the weekend. I was joking around with my cousin who lives on Wall Street about staying with him and his 4 roommates. He seriously offered his bedroom and he would sleep on the couch! I was not expecting that but gladly took him up on the offer. We will be visiting Rockefeller Center where Chris proposed to me almost 9 years ago. We haven't been back there together since.

Maddie is now on day 7 of refusing to go to bed. Chris has to get her up and she falls asleep in the chair with him. She is in no way soothed by someone going in to calm her down. She screams at the top of her lungs until she is OUT of the crib. I figure it's just a phase and one night she'll just stop. I keep thinking that maybe she's saying she really needs some one on one time with Daddy.

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