Sunday, November 02, 2008


  • Madison said "nana" today
  • I was cleaning the stainless appliances tonight with a cloth.  Madison was watching me so I got her a cloth.  She "helped" me clean all the appliances then when I was all done, she continued to "clean" the walls, cabinets and floors.  I asked her if she was done cleaning so she could go to bed.  She looked up at me for a second then went back to scrubbing the floor.  I let her take the cloth to bed and showed her how she could wipe the inside of the crib.
  • Chris finally got his beloved iphone.  He's been like a kid on Christmas day.
  • A week or so ago I moved the small table and chairs we have for M&J into the kitchen.  They've been eating their meals and snacks there rather than in their high chairs.  Clean up is a lot easier and they think it's pretty cool.  They've been eating out of a bowl with a fork or spoon regularly now too.
  • I was wearing a ralph lauren shirt with the horse on the pocket.  Maddie came running up to me pointing to the horse and said "COW!!!"
  • I took pictures of our (distant) cousin's pregnant belly today.  She's 28 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins!  We had a relatively similar journey getting pregnant so I am so happy for her.  Be sure to check out the photos on my photography blog.

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D said...

What is this world coming to that I am in agreement with your husband again? The iphone is simply the greatest invention ever, I'm in love with mine.