Sunday, November 09, 2008


Last night my girlfriends and their families came over.  We all get together about 4 times a year and have done that since 1999.  We always rotated houses up until 2004 when Brenda, Kristin, and Rachael all had babies.  At that point having get togethers at our house just wasn't a good idea.  Now that we have kids and a kid friendly house I really wanted to host this time.

All of us girls are on facebook but the boys aren't so we were showing them what it was all about.

Nichole helped Rachael make a "shitty" cake.  This a very old inside joke that I don't even remember all the details to.  Basically I had made a cake for some one's birthday and Rachael inadvertently called it shitty.  Anyway, this one was for Brenda's and Kristin's birthday.

Chris with Marc and Marc.
Olivia, Nichole, and Brendan were playing hide and seek.  This was Olivia and Nichole hiding under a cushion.

This was literally the best shot I could get of all 6 of our kids.  Kristin was taking some at the same time so maybe she got some better ones.

We let Maddie and Jackson go crazy on the cake.

Marc and their youngest Kyle

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I enjoyed your comment made on It's too bad Massachusetts is the only state that got it right... :)

Also, the images you've taken on this post are so adorable :)