Saturday, March 12, 2011


Random post not well written...

This blog post has some amazing information in it.

I'm not overly strict with how we eat. I do not buy into organic products being necessary. But I do like to learn about different food facts and take them into consideration when feeding my family.

At the moment the "no grain" way of eating makes a lot of sense to me and I've tried really hard to incorporate it. It's easy to feed Chris and myself that way but the kids are a different story. They don't eat bread so that makes it a little easier but they live on TJ's cereal bars, TJ's honey nut O's, TJ's whole milk yogurt, TJ's apple/carrot sauce, mozzarella cheese sticks (I think they're low fat but that's the only version of them), milk (1%), grapes, and carnation instant breakfast.

They do eat boxed mac and cheese once a week at most. I would prefer they eat macaroni with melted cheese on it but they can tell the difference a mile away AND I want to avoid pasta with them.

They will not touch a carrot, a pepper, a cucumber, an apple, an orange, watermelon, green beans, eggs (maddie will occasionally), beef, real chicken (except rotisserie chicken), or anything that is mixed together like a chili or casserole and a million other things I would love for them to eat. Jackson is almost repulsed by food. If we sit near him with our plate of food he will make a horrible face and whine "I don't wike that!!!"

I've always been leery of low fat food. What is the fat being replaced with AND good fat isn't even bad for you! So after reading the linked blog post I have another reason to not like it.

I read a few years ago about soy being horribly bad for you so we don't eat it at all! Well, you know, sometimes it sneaks in there, but i'm very strict about us not eating soy.

I also read a few years ago about dairy not being good for us either. "Casein in milk has been described as a primary cause of mucous, congestion and childhood earaches. Without dairy consumption, there might not be a need for those antidotes." Cutting out dairy products is something I think about a lot! I haven't done it yet though. Seems like a pretty big leap.

And while I'm at it I've been more aware of the chemicals we put on our body through soap, shampoo, lotions, etc. The kids and I are now washed from head to toe with baking soda. It's been three months now and my hairdresser is blown away by how healthy my hair looks. I've cut that expense out of our lives, and those chemicals are not seeping into our scalps and into our blood streams. I heard once that we're brain washed to think that in order for something to get clean that you need suds to do it but that's completely untrue.


An Urban Story said...

I'm sure some people think this is nuts but not me!! I'm vegan and Anna is vegetarian so we eat prettly well.

I'd like to point out that it's the processed soy and soy additives that are the problem not tofu or soy beans. Japanese people have the highest life spans in the world and eat it daily.

We only eat organic produce though....same reasoning as switching to baking soda for washing. I love that idea. I'm going to do it.

Dawn said...

I'm curious about the baking soda. Just baking soda and water or is there some premixed baking soda wash? Do you use it on your hair too? Thx!

Kerry Lynn said...

Good to know about the processed versus natural soy. I hadn't even thought about that difference.

I had read a bunch of different mixtures and even using vinegar for a conditioning treatment. I'm super lazy so I started out getting my hair wet, pouring a little bit of powder in my hand and rubbing it between my hands then putting it as directly on my scalp as I could. I do that until my scalp is covered but all in all it's a very small amount of powder. I figured I'd try this and if things weren't working out I'd try to fix it. Like if my hair was dry I would have researched the vinegar a little more. But my hair is perfect. I do believe it took about a week for my hair to not look greasy but it's so worth it!!!

If you google "no poo" you'll find TONS of information!