Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Toy Story on Ice (overload)

I found someone through a friend on facebook that was selling 5 tickets in the THIRD row center ice. I pounced on them. Last year we were relatively far away so I was really excited.
A friend of mine bought the other two tickets for her daughter's birthday.
Madison, Jackson and I took the train from Salem to North Station which is in the same building as the Boston Garden (where the show was) so it was an easy commute. They absolutely love to take the train.
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I had goosebumps walking along the ice to our seats. I was definitely more excited than they were.
This picture was taken from our seats.
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$42 worth of light up toys that by the end they said they didn't want. Luckily they let you exchange things so I let them pick out new things on our way out. Jackson got a Buzz gun that was half the price of the light up toy and Maddie got a Woody pendant that was a quarter the cost of her light up toy!
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I took all of these pictures with my 50mm lens. I was loving how close we were.
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When the characters would sit on the side of the ice while others were performing they would turn around and wave at the kids and even touch the ones in the front row. They were SO excited when Barbie waved at them!
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The show was fantastic and Maddie cried when it was over. I must admit I had a tear in my eye too.
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Keri said...

So fun! They're both so adorable! I can't wait until Glory is old enough to really enjoy this sort of thing. xo.

Wendy and Karen said...

That looks like such fun! You took great ice skating pictures.

An Urban Story said...

We were going to take our kids to one of these ice thingies. I've heard they trick all the parents in to buying stuff. :-)

Kerry Lynn said...

Oh they totally do! They wave the toys in the kids faces. Really no way to avoid it. it's worth it though. the shows really are fantastic.