Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random and visit with Gigi

Out of nowhere one day Jackson tried to put a crayon behind his ear and said "Dat's wike Handy Manny!" He couldn't get it to stay so I helped him get them to balance.
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This kid just loves to make people laugh. He came running into the living room likeone day.
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My friend Michelle got a boxer puppy for her kids for Christmas. We met him in January when we went for a visit and oh was he fresh! So freaking adorable. When we visited the other day he so was so much bigger and headed in the right direction behavior wise. I love this dog! The funniest thing is that my friends oldest daughter named him Jackson!

I had fun taking his picture while we were there.
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I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before but I adore the fact that M&J love animals and aren't afraid. I've always exposed them to animals and I'm glad they haven't learned to be afraid. And if they aren't afraid of a large puppy jumping and biting (playfully) then they won't be afraid of any dog!

Jackson and Jackson playing.
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Poor Jackson (my son) was horrified every time Michelle would reprimand the dog he thought she was talking to him! He would have such a sad face because she yelled "at him".
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Friends since birth! They all play SOOOOO well together. The only issues we need to deal with during our play dates are between my two kids! It is funny though, I feel like Gigi interacts with Jackson more than Madison. Maddie can come off as kind of cold sometimes so I hope Gigi doesn't feel bad about Madison not being more warm toward her.
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That day was super foggy. When we went to leave I had to take some pictures of random things.

This is a tree in front of Michelle's house. When we pulled up to the house in the morning Maddie said, "Those leaves are looking down. That tree is sad."
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Wendy and Karen said...

Love the outdoor and dog shots. Jackson's dress up photo is my favorite.

An Urban Story said...

Boxers are so cute. We have two dogs but at the moment they are driving us crazy eating all the children's toys, booster seat... I think they are lonely.

Aer Conditionat said...

Such a nice dog. I have one, but he has 3 months, i can`t wait to see him big like this.
I like very much your last photo, very nice.