Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New windows and lightning and school pictures

It's time for some construction on our old house. My parents bought us windows for the playroom for Christmas so my dad came over a couple weeks ago to take out the old ones and put in the new ones.
Maddie was serenading Grandpa while he worked on the scaffolding outside.
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He got the new window in pretty quick and went home.
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Unfortunately after sleeping on it he couldn't continue putting in new windows without replacing the 211 year old sheathing that was rotting underneath the siding.
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So the sheathing came off, the new window came out, the new sheathing went on and the new window was put back in. This is where we stand today. The second window still needs to be cut out of the green part and put in.
All this time we've had a whole lot of playroom items in our teeny tiny living room. It's not pretty.
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One night a week or so ago we had a mad thunder storm. I took some video out of the window. I was surprised to find some bolts in the frames!
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The kids had school picture day a couple of weeks ago. As much as I hate school pictures I was excited about them getting them. I think it's a neat thing to have from year to year. Plus I think the class picture is so much fun to look at when you're a grown up :-)
Within a week the packages were returned to school. I was shocked at the speed and was very pleased with how they came out. I was really worried they would have goofy faces. Although the class picture wasn't as good of them.
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