Saturday, July 02, 2011


I can't believe I haven't even blogged about Easter. This is just ridiculous.

We spent most of the day at Chris's parents' house with the whole family. The kids had an easter egg hunt that I somehow missed?

Jackson with Papa...

Jackson played soccer most of the time we were there. I literally threw his pants away when we got home. There was no amount of stain stuff that would have removed the grass stains. They were hand me downs and this was his second year wearing them so it didn't kill me to throw them away.

Inside for a little hydration

And cupcakes

Maddie kept herself occupied by collecting all of the sticks in the yard and putting them in the fire pit.

Nana and Papa with all of their grandchildren although they now have a sixth who I'll introduce later.

This kid plays hard!

Alyssa decided to pet Maddie's hair. I'm sure she whined about it at first. She's such a touch-me-not!

After dinner we went to my Aunt Judy's where they got to play with my cousin's kids Ben and Jack. They totally cried when we had to leave!

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