Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I always remember my mom talking about how annoying the "why" stage is. I've been so scared of this stage and now that we're all of a sudden in full swing of it, it hasn't disappointed. O.M.G. On one hand I love that I get to teach them things on a deeper level than we've discussed previously but the other hand wants to slap myself silly after constantly needing to explain things. My throat literally is sore from talking so much. "Why are we driving slow?" "Because there is traffic" "Why is there traffic" "If you can figure that out kiddo you'll be famous". Most of these conversations happen in the car so I can't remember any of the good ones.
It really amazes me how much information they are willing to soak up. And they remember EVERYTHING!
And with two of them it's totally magnified. Where Jackson may have been satisfied with an answer I give, Madison chimes in with a follow up question which sparks yet another question from Jackson. All while trying to concentrate on driving. Can you say mental exhaustion?

How long does this phase last?

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seattlegal said...

I'm getting that phase right now too. I agree - definitely exhausting.