Saturday, July 02, 2011


Since the kids were born I've wanted to get them into modeling. I was always held back because I didn't know the proper first step to get it done legitimately. Over the years I've connected with people who happen to be in the industry and led me in the right direction. Plus my family was starting to harass me! So I finally sent an email with their pictures to the recommended agency in Boston. I got a phone call to set up an appointment for them to come in and so I could be explained the process. Without going into all the details I decided to go forward with it. They had an initial photo shoot (not with me) to get images for their comp cards and it was a good way to see how they would "perform" in a working situation.

These are a handful of the images we got. They were definitely stiff at first and I was so worried. My plan was to stay away but I could see they weren't getting any good shots so I stepped in and started making goofy faces and jumping around and "hurting" myself in order to make them laugh. It totally worked but I don't know if I'll be able to do that in an actual working environment.

The agency told me that Maddie has a leg up on any competition because of her red hair and Jackson has a leg up because he's a boy.

They were officially "on the market" at the end of May and I just got a call the other day that Maddie is a finalist for a Hasbro shoot in a couple weeks. There is no audition for this so keep your fingers crossed they pick her!

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Wendy and Karen said...

These pictures are amazing! They look so comfortable and happy. I hope they both get great modeling gigs.