Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Jackson currently has a few annoying behaviors. One of them is hitting Madison. He'll just haul off and whack her if she's annoying him. I just don't know how to get him to stop. Time outs don't work, swatting him doesn't work (obviously), and my normally effective discipline of going into my room doesn't work since it's not an ongoing behavior. I got a suggestion from a friend to take him to the police station and tell him that's where kids go that hit people. She said the policemen would be willing to talk to him. I actually think this would be VERY effective on him. He would be TERRIFIED, but does anyone know if the police would really do this? Or would they laugh at me?

He's getting smart now and knows how and when to lie. Once again a completely normal behavior but oh so annoying. At this point his lies are completely obvious so it's funny.

One other issue is using naughty words. All of a sudden he thinks it's hilarious to say things like "poo poos", or "shit", or "stupid". Then the most fun part of parenting comes in...disagreeing with the other parent on how to handle the situation. Dad yells and says "don't let me hear you say that again!" Super effective (rolls eyes). I go between ignoring it and offering a different word to say instead. That does work to some extent but I think it's Madison's reaction that he really gets a kick out of. She ALWAYS runs to us "Jackson said stupid"! No matter how many times I tell her to ignore him she won't listen. She's such a rat!


Anonymous said...

If you try the police route, you may teach Jacoson a fear of police. I would hate for him to really need police help but be fearful of being put in jail. I would stick with the fact that police are there to help at least until he is a bit older.

Kerry Lynn said...

Mom, is that you? HAHA She would say the same thing. I agree which is one of the reasons I haven't run out and done it.
I do talk to them a lot about when people do something wrong the police get mad but we also talk a lot about how they are always there to help too.
It's a hard concept to keep straight in a 4 year old mind.