Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bruins 2011

One of the coaches of the kids soccer team happened to own a couple of Dunkin Donuts. He was crazy nice enough to share his kid zone tickets with the soccer team! I have to be honest we are not hockey fans. At all. But we are sports fans and after watching the Bruins win the Stanley Cup in the spring we were definitely excited to go. The cheapest seats you can get at the Garden are $85 so this was an extremely generous gift that we appreciated so much. We took the train in and got into our seats just about at bedtime :-) They did pretty well although Madison was in a horrible mood for the first period. After scoring 6 or 7 goals the game was over. We bought them each a little souvenir. Madison picked out a Stanley Cup small bear and Jackson got a Bruins match box car. They are still some of their favorite toys. The train home wasn't until 10:30 but they really held up very well.
We were so grateful for such a fabulous event.

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