Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday card photo shoot 2011

Once that weird snow storm came through the weather here has been downright amazing. Unseasonably warm for long stretches of time. Just this last week it has started to cool down. It's been a HUGE help with our heating costs. We've barley had to have the heat on up until a couple weeks ago. So I dragged the kids to Brooksby Farm where I had been doing a lot of sessions for clients. I took them to a different area though and it worked out really well. I'll have to remember it for future clients! Overall they were fantastic! They were a little wild though and not cooperating exactly how I would have wanted them to. Thinking back to past years though this year was a breeze and it shows in the massive amounts of usable images for my card (in my header). I had a really hard time designing a card but in the end I splurged on a double sided, shaped, linen texture card. Now that it's out in the mail I can share here. It's been a big hit. :-)

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K J and the kids said...

Gorgeous !
I think I'll borrow one to send out as my Christmas card....as I STILL haven't taken one yet ! :(