Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

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For Thanksgiving we did the same thing we did the last few years which was Chris's brother's house most of the day for dinner then I take the kids to my Aunt's house where my cousins and their kids are.  Above are cousins Alyssa and Sophie born 6 days apart.
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All the girl cousins
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All 6 cousins.  Jackson was MISERABLE because we made him come upstairs from playing xbox to take a picture.  I think Madison was trying to get him to smile.  Madison's dress was a hand me down from our friend Olivia and Jackson was dressed like daddy.
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I believe some sort of bribe was offered for this smile on Jackson
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They spent a lot of time running around the house.  It was so warm that day!
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Nana Fitzy reading to 6 month old Nick
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Raphael at 12 years old
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He thought he died and went to heaven.  This trifle was massive!  
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After eating a yummy dinner I took the kids to my Aunt's in Salem.  My parents were there and my cousin's kids Ben and Jack.  It was so warm out that the kids actually played outside in the yard in the dark!  They all play really well together and have a lot of fun.  They eventually came in for a drink.

I was just recalling thanksgiving at my Aunt's house two years ago so I decided to pull up the post.  It's amazing how much easier they are now and I forgot how emotional that day was.

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