Friday, December 09, 2011

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

It was awesome!!!!  But, It was late, as we were leaving my mom's house in Lynnfield Maddie reached under a big chair to get a marble that had rolled under, as she pulled her arm out she was cut by a staple sticking down, she was hysterically crying which set our departure time off, the kids fell asleep on the way into Boston, the traffic was HORRIBLE getting into the city which I totally wasn't expecting, I backed into a car while trying to parallel park in my THREE WEEK OLD CAR which turned out to not be a legitimate space and had to leave anyway, I couldn't find a parking the theater district...ridiculous...I'm so special, it was cold and windy and my mom and I had to carry the kids from the parking garage to the theater because they were so groggy, we were late picking up the tickets, we got to our pretty spectacular seats then I went back out to get food and drinks and by the time I was ready to go back in the show had already started and they wouldn't let anyone in until the first number was over, once I finally got back to my seat Maddie had to go to the bathroom, UGH!!!. Yeah, I know, that wasn't a proper sentence but that's how flustered I felt last night.

HOWEVER, After all of that was able to enjoy a nice glass of wine and watch this fantastic production.  I think the most impressive thing to me was the 50 foot LED screen at the back of the stage.  It took up the entire stage so all of the backdrops were digital rather than built sets.  It was really breathtaking at times especially when the scene moved making it look like the people on stage were moving.  At one point there was a NYC tour bus on stage and it did spin around on the stage but the video screen really made it look like it was driving through the streets of NYC.  Very impressive!  My boy sat on my lap and cuddled with me most of the time and even though he kept saying he wanted to go home during lulls in the show, he was completely captivated when there was a number on.  I will always have fond memories of him cuddling me during this show.  Madison loved it too and she sat with Grandma (she's such a Grandma's girl!).  I kept thinking through the whole thing that this is a memory they will always have.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to take them to see the Rockettes.

I need to dig out an old photo of my dad with a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall from 1989.  I remember going on a tour but I don't think we saw an actual show.

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K J and the kids said...

LOVED it too !
Both times.
I have to say....the soldiers routine is my favorite.
I also thought the nativity costumes were amazing.
Glad you were able to have a good time.

Kerry Lynn said...

yeah, missed the soldier routine due to the bathroom break. It looked like it was going to be great too.