Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Topsfield Fair 2009

This years fair was great even though it rained on us. At least it wasn't too cold so the rain was tolerable.

We started out at the petting zoo although it was hard to pet the animals since they were behind fences. The biggest attraction for M&J were the red animal food dispensers. All they wanted to do was spin the spinny thingy that makes the food come out.

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Then we got out annual tattoos. This year we all got the airbrush ones. Maddie got a butterfly and Jackson and I got a shamrock.
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Then we made our way to kiddie land so they could go on some rides. They loved the merry go round.
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Then they went on a really lame train ride.
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My mom went down the big slide with Jackson right as it started raining. As soon as he stood up at the bottom he slipped and hit his head on the bump. They shut down the line after that. He cried so hard :-(
I love how it looks like my mom is having 100 times more fun than Jackson.
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Then we got to the rides that had height restrictions. And they were strict. Poor Maddie couldn't go on the flying elephants with Jackson.
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They loved giving their tickets to the operator.
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Jackson flying high.
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Maddie thinks the turtles are lame compared to the elephants.
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And of course we did our annual big chair photo.
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And as an added bonus my pumpkin photo won a first prize ribbon!!

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Wendy and Karen said...

I love the tattoos. I want one.