Saturday, October 31, 2009

The dentist

I forgot to write about M&J's first trip to the dentist. Even with brushing their teeth they were getting stains on their bottom teeth. It was grossing me out so I wanted to get them cleaned.
I took them in one day. They came out and got Maddie first. She went right in with no problem. I knew they would do better if I wasn't in the room so I let her go by herself. She sat in that chair and let the hygienist do her thing. Meanwhile they came out for Jackson. This didn't go as smoothly. He wouldn't leave my side so I went in with him. Even though he was sitting on my lap he still wouldn't even let the hygienist look in his mouth. So we left with one mouth clean.
I made an appointment for a few weeks later. My mom took them this time and when the hygienist came out with a ball to play with he went right in with her. My mom waited in the waiting room with Maddie. Yeah for clean teeth!

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Mama Kat said...

My girls had four cavities a piece at their visit. :( Bad mommy!