Sunday, November 01, 2009

More random photos

Outside the ice rink where the gymnastics classes are there is always a pile of ice/snow. One day I let them go play with it. They even wanted to bring some home for daddy which of course was melted by the time we got home.

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Sonic is new around here. Chris and I first experienced it when we visited Pheonix and we loved it. It was so unfair because they advertise it all over the TV but there were never any around here. This past August one opened on Rt. 1 and if you live around here you know the horrific traffic it has caused. In the evenings they literally have event staff and police directing the traffic in the parking lot. The first time Chris and I actually made it there was for breakfast since we figured the wait wouldn't be that long. It was a good experience. Then the next Saturday we decided we wanted it for dinner. I ended up going with Maddie thinking I'd just go through the drive through. We were there for an hour! The next few times I've gone (I think I have an addiction) I've parked the car and gone to the patio area. That seems to be the fastest. So anyway one day after a day of gymnastics and riding bikes on the new Peabody bike path I took the kids to Sonic.
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They loved it!
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Here is the bike path. We just went on one short section of it which was plenty long enough for them. They even ditched their bikes half way through. I was carrying Madison's for a while then I said forget it and left it. I knew nothing was going to happen to it. Shortly after Jackson ditched his. By the time we turned around and got back to them they wanted to ride them again. It was really nice and I hope to do it again.
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Another day back at home riding bikes. Jackson was wearing the antennae from Maddie's costume. The following pictures were all taken with my new 100mm 2.8 macro lens. Oh how I love it.
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This isn't the best quality photo but that is totally Jackson's laughing face and it just makes my heart melt!
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Whenever we're playing in the yard/driveway they insist on walking around and around the car while dragging their hands along the car. This makes for some pretty dirty hands.
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Wendy and Karen said...

What great photos of two happy kiddos. And Jackson's smile one is the best.