Monday, November 30, 2009

Late Thanksgiving

Since Chris's family knew Jim wouldn't be home until Thanksgiving night they planned to have Thanksgiving on Friday. Chris's Auntie Maureen has a great common room on the roof of her condo building in Arlington so we all gathered there.

Madison and Jackson were like different children from the day before. They were wonderful! They were independent, they ate, they didn't cry or whine which means Chris and I were able to enjoy ourselves!
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Jackie and Sophia
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Jackson playing with Jim
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Nana Fitz with Sophia. It's so funny when M&J see her they yell "FITZY!!"
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Watch out Alyssa, Nana's drinking again ;-)
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Maddie even entertained herself with some cups for quite a while.
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Then there was some overzealous twirling.
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And some ring around the rosie.
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Look at those handsome cousins...
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It's officially impossible to get a picture where all 5 of them look good.
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And the girls...
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Jackson just sat there staring at the cake.
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After dinner cousin Mike, Jackson, Raffe and even Madison wrestled around on the floor.
On the way home the kids conked out in the car and Chris dropped me off at work. I initially took the night off but we were driving by early enough that I could still go in and avoid going in Saturday morning.

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Wendy and Karen said...

Looks like a good time!