Thursday, November 19, 2009

32 Months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

Lomo (free action)

You both continue to be a challenge this month. The fighting. The screaming. The whining. The tantrums. We've made headway on how to deal with it all but sometimes it's just a lot to handle. But when you're not fighting you are so incredibly sweet to each other. If one of you coughs the other says "you ok Dachan/Ma-ee?" followed by "tank you".

You've been really enjoying your tumbling class although we've had to miss the last two weeks. I've even seen progress in your participation in class. When it first started neither of you would follow what the teacher was doing but now you both watch what she is doing and join in.
There really isn't any gymnastics in the class and I hope to get you into a different class that is a little more involved.

You are having conversations with each other now beyond just arguing over something. I love to listen to the things you come up with in your room after waking up.

We are all napping in my bed now between 2 and 5. I used to put you both in your beds, sit with Jackson until he fell asleep then take Maddie into my bed. Eventually Maddie wouldn't stay quiet enough for Jackson to settle down so I would send her to my bed while getting Jackson to sleep. Now we just all sleep in my bed. I just love being all cozy and snuggly with you both.

You're still both horrible picky eaters. There is really nothing you will eat on a regular basis so it makes it so difficult to cook for you.

This month we started swapping day care with Gianna's mom Michelle. One day a week she and I take turns taking care of all three of you so the other can get some things done. It's been so great and helpful that we're thinking of adding another day a week so we both get a day off every week. You guys love to play with Gianna and always talk about going to GG's house. You even saw a red SUV today and said "GG's car!"

Dear Jackson,

Lomo (free action)1

You continue to be a very naughty boy always getting into things you shouldn't. You really just can't help yourself. Which leads to this month's accident. While we were waiting to find out what the doctors were going to do next we really didn't have time to dwell on the unthinkable possibility that you might not stay with us. Of course since then I've thought about it but have to stop myself because it's just too upsetting. Just don't ever leave me. You make my world go round, kiddo.

You absolutely love to make people laugh. It always amazes me that you get the concept of doing something that is funny so that people will laugh at you. One day when trying to take a nap you randomly reached out, grabbed my nose, and said, "got your nose!" Sometimes you'll do it and say "got your boogers!" Just today you grabbed your baby doll's nose and said "got your nose!" Too funny.

You are starting to count this month! You still don't have the order right but you like to point at things and say numbers. If I ask you what a number is your answer is always seven. You don't know any letters yet either. And forget about colors. You think everything is orange. You argue with Maddie at traffic lights over whether the light is red or green.

You STILL bring up the elephant ride at the Topsfield Fair completely out of nowhere! Today I asked you to tell Michelle who we saw the other day (Santa) and you said "Jachan rode de efant, Ma-ee rode de turles".

You are so incredibly thoughtful of Maddie. If I give you something to eat or drink you always want some to give to Maddie too. You kiss her boo boos, you randomly hug her which is usually followed by her pushing you away.

If you grow up and "turn" gay, I take full responsibility. There are some people in our lives who think the fact that you ADORE a baby doll that I bought you and your sister is going to "make" you gay. In my opinion it means you're learning to be a good daddy - gay or straight - and what's wrong with that?

You are still very affectionate with me. You love to hug me and sit with me and always be close. When you randomly kiss me I could just die and go to heaven. One day we were cuddling for nap time and you kissed me on the nose and said "Make mommy happy". Yes, buddy you make me happier than I ever knew I could be.

Dear Madison,

Lomo (free action)

You are either very serious or very silly and cute. When you're serious you won't crack a smile for anything, you go into a screaming fit in zero to sixty but when you're silly and cute you skip around the house on your toes, you tickle me, and sing silly songs in a high voice.

You tend to ask questions that you already know the answers to. If I know you know the answer I'll always throw the question back at you and you'll answer it. Last week when Jackson was in the hospital you were with us in the ER and asked to see Jackson and Daddy so I brought you in to see them once Jackson was all hooked up. I told you that Jackson was sick and that the doctors were going to make him better. Later that night you were out with Auntie Courtney and Uncle Stevie and asked where Jackson was. They both hesitated to answer because they weren't sure what to say. Then you answered, "Dachan in da hospi-al. Gonna make him all be-er."

Last week I was trying to teach you to recognize particular words in a book. I focused on the word "the". I showed it to you where ever it was printed. Later that day I pointed to the word and asked you what it was and you said "the"! You know all of your capital letters, colors, and numbers 1-10.

I got you some lacing cards and that is definitely an activity you enjoy.

Your tantrums have eased some but you definitely still have them.

I love you baby girl!!


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Wendy and Karen said...

I'm so impressed that you took the time to write this. Sounds like you have your hands very full. Your kiddos are amazing.

And I love Madison's serious look.

Kerry Lynn said...

Thanks Rae!
Gotta love the mall Christmas decorations.

Wendy, It's getting harder and harder to get these updates done but I don't think I could ever forgive myself if I missed one at this point.

In 32 months I've only missed taking their photo on the 17th twice.