Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pictures with Santa 2009

Here are three years of Santa pictures!

I can't believe how much they look alike in the first one. They never look alike to me! But the poor things look terrified.
Horrible overexposed picture from last year...but funny that Maddie is holding an ornament like in this year's picture. And that Maddie was stone faced in this year's and last year's and Jackson is giggling in both.

Jackson wouldn't go near Santa when we first got there but Maddie went right up and high fived him. Jackson just clung to me. Luckily no one was in line so Santa had time to play a little catch with Jackson with an ornament. After that I was able to place them both on Santa's lap with no problem.

Before we got there I was telling them where we were going and who we were going to see and what they were going to do. I really don't think they remember Christmas from last year at all but I asked Maddie what she was going to tell Santa she wanted for Christmas and she actually answered "toys!" I was blown away that she knew what to answer.

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After that we went behind the display to get some pictures for our holiday card and for their 33 month "birthday". Uncle Mike, Auntie Kristen and Alyssa were able to meet us at the mall and I couldn't have gotten the pictures I did without them. Mike even bribed with cookies. I was surprised they actually listened to him although Maddie would NOT crack a smile.

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Then we went to the new play area outside Macy's. It was perfect. My only complaint is there is no gate on it so kids just wander out.

My little monkey. No wonder we have to keep an eye on him.
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