Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween overload

We had quite few pre-Halloween events to attend this year.

This was the first time they put the costumes on at home. Maddie was dancing and spinning around in her room. She absolutely loved her ladybug costume.

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Jackson thought his panda bear was cool at first but then he got HOT. He only wore it for a few minutes.
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The first party we had was at Nana's school. It was so hot in there I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of Jackson in his costume. He wanted it off immediately.

Look at all the ladybugs!!
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Cousin Jill came with us to help me out since Chris wanted nothing to do with it.
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Then our friend had a big party at her house one afternoon. It was such a warm day and once again Jackson didn't want his costume on.
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Once Jackson took his off Madison wanted hers off too. I did everything I could to keep it on her but she wanted it OFF. Then she wouldn't put on a sweatshirt. She ran around naked the rest of the party. I know all of the other mothers were thinking I was a terrible mother.

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They basically didn't stop jumping in the bounce house for 2 hours so I really wasn't worried about her being cold.
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Maddie decided she wanted to try on the panda costume.
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Then on Friday I took the kids into the office. This time the costumes stayed on!
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And they weren't whining as long as there was candy in their hands.
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Chris was a farmer.
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Wendy and Karen said...

What a cute panda bear and ladybug!

And I love the topless jumping picture.