Saturday, February 13, 2010

At the barn again

Last Wednesday we were expecting a huge snow storm. School was
canceled the day before. That should have been hint enough that we
wouldn't get any at all. I had plans with Jenn that day. She was
going to come over and watch the kids so I could go grocery shopping
and then we were all going to go to the barn to see her horse. It
was a slow day and we didn't end up getting to the barn until almost
4. We stayed about an hour. M&J helped brush Major, they watched
some kids having a lesson inside and then we went outside so they
could have a ride on Major.

Last summer when we were there Maddie wanted nothing to do with getting on the horse but this time it was all she could talk about. She was so happy to get up and take a ride.

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Wendy and Karen said...

Ooohh. I'm jealous. I bet Kylie would love to ride a horse. Maddie looks so happy.