Friday, February 05, 2010

Bedtime update

The new no nap/earlier bedtime has been a dream. The first night it
was minimal talking/singing. The second night it was absolute silence
at 8:00 after we left the room. The one sucky thing about last night
was that Jackson woke up at 10, 11, and 1. When he woke up at 1,
Maddie woke up too. I went in to get them back down and they were
both inconsolably screaming for me to cuddle them. I knew it was
impossible for me to do that so I just left. Jackson cried for 5
minutes before giving up and Maddie lasted another 2 or 3.
Tonight we didn't leave their room until 9:00 but they only talked/
sang for 15 minutes. Hopefully there won't be as many wakings as last

At work the girls and I would occasionally go out for drinks after
work on a Friday. Since I didn't get to even say goodbye to anyone my
last night they want to meet me out tonight. I'm going to be meeting
them at 11...PM!! I haven't gone out that late in a good ten years.

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