Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Some changes

A few things are going on here. Some good. Some bad. Some I'm not
sure about yet.

I'll start with the bad to get it out of the way. Last night I got
let go from my night job. I don't agree with the decision but what I
think didn't matter to them.
I'm happy to be able to be home with my husband at night for the
first time in 3.5 years and actually put my kids to bed. I'm not
really sure what is going to happen in the future since we definitely
can't live without the paycheck I was making but hopefully the extra
time will let me figure out how to get more photography clients so
that I don't need to do something else just for a paycheck.

This brings me to number 2. The last few nights have been a
nightmare getting the kids to bed. They are still napping during the
day for about 3 hours but every day it gets later and later that they
finally fall asleep for the nap. Then by the time they wake up it's
3 hours until bedtime and they're not tired yet. So since tonight
was the first night I didn't have to go to work and be up til 1 am I
decided to skip nap and put them to bed at 8 (starting to get ready
at 7:30). Updated: We didn't end up leaving their room until 8:30.
They are still talking and singing up a storm but I hope for them to
be asleep by 9:30 which is better than the previous 10:30-11:00 the
last few nights. Update: I went back in at 8:55 because Maddie was
screaming that she didn't want her book anymore and Jackson was out
like a light! Now Maddie just has to stop singing her medley of ABC,
you are my sunshine, toora loora, happy birthday and jingle bells.
Updated: 9:05 sounds like Maddie is out!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Victory is mine!

And the last fabulous thing is that my incredibly hard working
dedicated husband got a great promotion at work. It's in a different
department doing something completely different than he is now. He
is really excited about the new opportunity and I am so proud of him
for working so hard for almost 10 years and being picked out of the
entire office of roughly 125 people to fill this new roll.

These are pictures of our new train table. I got it for $40 at TRU
last weekend. I was expecting to pay $80 but it was half off! Gotta
love that. All of the 2009 Imaginarium train items are 50% off.
The table has been a huge hit even though it takes up half of the
already extremely limited available space in our living room. There
are definitely fights here and there but they've already claimed
certain trains as their own and the other knows not to touch the
others trains.


E, SS and the Little Man said...

So sorry about your job, and hope the photo business picks up so that you can just focus on that for a while. That's great about Chris' promotion.

When you said you got that train table for $40, I thought you were going to say on Craigslist. Dang, that is new? Awesome price.

Wendy and Karen said...

I'm sorry about your job. That really sucks! Hopefully you'll find something that works for you. I truly admire how you and Chris work diligently for your family. Congratulations Chris on your promotion.

And I'm jealous about the train table. I've had my eye on these for over a year but haven't gotten one yet. The price you paid is awesome! Quite a find!