Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad week

Imagine you're pushing a shopping cart across a parking lot/street.
You've got a 25 pound bag of potatoes in the basket part of the
cart. Then imagine running into a rut in the street that stops the
cart dead in its tracks and flings the 25 pound bag of potatoes out
of the cart onto the pavement. Now imagine that 25 pound bag of
potatoes is your daughter landing on her head.

It. was. awful. and only one lady stopped to see if she was ok! and
it was the lady who said she saw it happen and that she didn't
actually land ON her head even though she has bloody scrapes on her
scalp. I sat there in the middle of the street holding Madison as
she cried and I was in a complete fog. I had to keep reminding
myself to check on Jackson who was still in the cart sitting in the
seat part. He was facing away from Maddie when it happened so he had
no idea what was going on so he was yammering about how his balloon
from Trader Joe's was blowing "away". I eventually pulled it
together enough to pull the cart out of the middle of the road and at
that point the only lady that helped us left in complete denial that
Madison had actually gotten hurt.

I really was on autopilot and was trying so hard to slow down and
think clearly about what I should do. I was about to bring them to
the car and leave then I realized that the rut in the road could
seriously be a hazard for anyone else walking out of the store and
that they should probably know about it. So I brought them both back
in the store to the customer service area and the nice lady that had
checked us out saw that we were back and knew something was wrong. I
told her what happened. By that time Maddie wasn't even crying
anymore but the lady went and got us some frozen peas and was trying
to engage her in conversation. She wasn't really responding but I
knew it was just because she was being shy. It was funny because
every time she asked Maddie a question Jackson would answer. I was
able to calm down a little while we were in there and we both decided
it would be a good idea to have the doctor check her out.

The whole drive to the doctor I was nauseous and light headed.
Maddie was singing and yelling at Jackson so I wasn't worried about
her but I knew I would feel better to have her seen by a medical
professional. And they agreed that she was indeed fine.

We spent the rest of the day playing at my friend Gia's house with
her son Max.

So all of this on top of Maddie, Jackson and I having a stomach bug
earlier in the week. Tuesday was absolute misery for me being so
sick and needing to take care of M&J. Although I wouldn't really
categorize what I did as "taking care" of them as much as just being
under the same roof with them. It was bad.


Wes and Rae Leytham said...

She is one tough cookie!!!

Wendy and Karen said...

Oh darlin! What a bad week. I want to curl up in bed just from reading it! I don't know what to say other than I'm thinking of you all. Hang in there.

E, SS and the Little Man said...

OMG! You have had some crazy experiences lately. I'm so sorry. I CANNOT imagine seeing Teo flying out of the cart. Now I'm all paranoid because I think he's about the same size and weight as Maddie. I'm so sorry to hear about this! And soo glad she is okay.