Friday, October 17, 2008

19 Months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

You are both starting to be a little more independent during the day, ie. not so whiny. Don't get me wrong, you still whine. A lot. But it's been a little better lately. 
Taking you out is not easy anymore though. Neither of you are happy being contained for too long and forget about going out to eat at a restaurant. It's a nightmare! It's just not enjoyable for anyone involved. 
You both continue to be very picky eaters although we've gotten you to eat things with a fork or spoon that you wouldn't have eaten with your hands. I guess you like to feel like big kids. You're pretty much down to one nap during the day. Generally you're up at 9am, you graze on puffins, cheese, veggie crisps, fruit, and milk all morning while touring the house playing with your toys. Daddy comes home at noon and we spend an hour together. Sometimes I'll take you out to run a few errands from 1-2 or we'll go outside and play in the yard in order to keep you awake until 2. By then you're so tired that you will sleep for at least 2 hours. You've been known to sleep for 3. Sometimes I will nap at the same time but other times I try to get some stuff done around the house or on the computer.
The no's have subsided for now as well. Occasionally Madison will say it but it's pretty much gone for now.
Daddy took out the air conditioner from the window in the playroom a couple weeks ago. He left it sitting on the floor just under the window. The two of you will go and sit on it next to each other and look out the window and watch the cars to by.
You are both obsessed with shoes. You bring them to me all the time to put them on you. The problem is once they are on you bolt to the door and whine when I don't let you out. I've learned that if we're not going out I can't put them on you.
You are both still in love with  your binkies.  I think I may need to start weaning you off it or else you'll be 5 and going to kindergarten with it.  I always make sure  you have one when you take a nap or go to bed, but during the day you'll both "ask" for one by going to the drawer where we keep them and whining until we give you one.  When we go out I make sure I have some with me just in case one of you has a meltdown.  I usually need them.
You both say flower (wow-wa) and water (wa wa).

Dear Jackson,

I love it when I'm sitting on the floor and you come over and push me until I lay down on the floor.  Once I'm down you "get" me by throwing your entire body on top of mine.  Sometimes you push me to roll over so I'm laying on my belly instead.  When I'm like that you attempt to put one foot on my upper thigh and the other foot on my other thigh so that you're standing on me like you're king of mountain although I don't like the image of me that evokes.  But anyway, it amazes me that you have the balance to stand on me like that.  It's pretty impressive.
You still love to hug and cuddle spontaneously.  It makes me so incredibly happy when you randomly come to me and insist on a hug and I end up cuddling and kissing you until you struggle to get away.
I love you buddy!!

Dear Madison,

You are still relatively quiet for the most part although sometimes when we're in the car or you're in your crib you'll start chanting "ya ya ya ya" progressively louder.
You say cow (very clearly) and you love to say shoe (shoe-ah...I'm not sure where the extra syllable comes from but it's oh so cute).
You also like to "get" daddy and me.  It always makes you laugh.  I absolutely love to tickle you so I can hear your laugh.  
You are still so tiny.  The dress you are wearing in the above picture is size 6-9 months and there is PLENTY of room in it for you to grow.
I love you baby peanut!

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E, M, and the Little Man said...

Oh, my gosh. Those pictures are beautiful. Did you use some special light effect on your camera, or on Photoshop?