Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The lazy person's blogroll

I know most people have a blogroll on their blog. I always feel honored when I see my name on their list and feel bad that I don't return the favor. ..I have a good reason.
But now that the followers gadget is out (to the left) I think it would be pretty cool for people to add themselves. I'm pretty sure I already read all of my regular readers but just in case there are any lurkers, I'd like to read about you too!

Also my comments are dwindling but my stats are going up. Come on, give me some love!


Shannon said...

I'm a follower now, AND I comment frequently! :)

I've lost all of my commenters for the most part even though I know I have a lot of traffic. That bugs me too.

I want to hear more about what a normal, mundane day is like with you and the twins. (You I can compare notes and all.)

Stacie said...

I suck at the commenting, but I do follow. Sending love...

Courtney said...

Well... don't know what my excuse is. Not anything you don't have have (two toddlers... lol). Anyway, I try to check often and will try to comment more. Sending ya some love!