Friday, October 31, 2008

Shauna's and new bath photos (not related)

Shauna invited us over for dinner last Sunday with a few of her friends that we had never met before.  She slaved over the stove all day (literally) to make us three different fabulous soups and some apple pie.  The food was SO yummy and not just because I didn't have to cook it.

Maddie was excited to see Daddy walking back from parking the car.  Shauna is a city dweller and has no parking at her apartment.  :-)

Jackson was just excited to sit on Shauna's motorcycle...

We had a great time with new people.  It's nice to have new people around so we can tell our stories to people who haven't heard them before.  As usual M&J trashed Shauna's place.  They were good as far as no crying but EVERYTHING they touched was something they shouldn't have.  We spent the whole evening making sure they didn't break anything.  Hopefully she'll invite us back sometime before they're 12.


It's been a while since I've taken some bath photos.  Maybe I should talk about bath time too.  Bath time consists of M&J getting very excited to be allowed in the bathroom (we have it gated off because the stairs to the basement are in there and I don't want them flushing things down the toilet.  the door needs to stay open though so the cat can get to the basement to use the litter).  They eagerly allow me to take their clothes off even though they'd just as happily climb in fully dressed.  The next few minutes are spent taking all of our shampoo etc. off of the shelves and dropping them in the water one by one as I then take them OUT of the shower.  Once everything is out of reach, the splashing commences.  I then attempt to pour water over their heads to wet their hair.  The smiles quickly fade as they completely stiffen up, stand straight up, and cling to me for dear life like they're drowning.  They eventually get over it and play with their ducks.  I then shampoo their hair and wash their bodies which is relatively painless.  But the horror resumes when I have to pour the water over their heads again to rinse the shampoo.  I get it done as quickly as I can but they both HATE it.  Since Maddie's hair is so snarly in the back I have to also put conditioner in her hair which means another head rinse followed by brushing the knots out.  This leaves Maddie in complete hysterics and absolutely inconsolable.  She doesn't stop crying for a good 15 minutes after a bath.  The whole thing is so exhausting (physically and mentally...for all of us) it's no wonder I only bathe them every 4 or 5 days.

Pre rinse when all was right with the world

Maddie splashing


Courtney said...

It's funny how excited they get, isn't it?!

As for the conditioner, I got a kids spray, leave-in conditioner for B. I just spray it in and comb. It works great! I remember my mom using the same thing when I was little. Maybe that would help.

For the rinsing, we make a game of it. I have them try to do it too. My kids may be different... as they don't mind water on their faces if they do it. So, I have them pour. When I say "1, 2, 3, GOOooooo!!!!". I will either pour simultaniously or do the same count down to do it myself. They fuss some, but not much.

Good luck!

Eva said...

Well, they look darn cute in the bath! J was the same way about head rinsing, would cry every time. But EVENTUALLY he learned how to tilt his head up. Once he figured it out, it was a miracle. I would reinforce it saying, good job! Did it go in your eyes? and he would say No! Now if he even sees my fill the cup he tilts his head up and says "no go in the eyes" and it doesn't. I tell you this to say, just keep at it and they will learn that if they don't like it in their faces, they can control that!

E, M, and the Little Man said...

Oh, I know. I hate the rinsing.

D said...

I think this post would have been funnier if Shauna's and bath pictures were related topics!