Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gap Casting Call

I think most people were confused about what the purpose of this event was. I really didn't care what the purpose was I just wanted to get some pictures of M&J in a professional setting. Nana and I got to the mall about an hour before it was going to start. We weren't too far back in the line and ended with numbers 23 and 24. Once people got their numbers they left the line. Once the start time came they came back and needed to squeeze back in line. There were many unhappy people. One woman behind me was so annoyed that she actually said "This isn't worth it. He's not THAT cute" talking about her own son!! I wanted to cry!
We had a pleasant experience. We kept M&J in the stroller and took turns walking them around the mall while the other one stayed in line.
Once we got in, they wanted nothing to do with sitting on a stool and smiling for the camera. Madison whined through the whole thing and Jackson was stone faced. Oh well, there goes their modeling career. It was fun anyway.
Oh, so it turns out the purpose of getting their pictures taken was so that you could use them to enter them into their online casting call. I had already done that anyway with my own photos.

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Courtney said...

J still has a nice look... M definitely looks like she wants NOTHING to do with it! lol