Wednesday, October 01, 2008


We have these trees in our yard (actually they're in our neighbors yard but the branches hang over into our driveway).  I believe they are called butternut trees but I could be wrong.  The nut/fruit/balls that grow on these trees are enormous.  I'd say pretty close to a baseball.  When they fall on the roof of our house or are car they make a REALLY loud noise.  The trees are COVERED with them.  Right now we're in the season of them falling off...a lot.  Jackson absolutely loves them.  As soon as we go outside he runs for them yelling "BALL" over and over.  He then picks them up and throws them down the driveway and watches them roll down the hill.  I'm so afraid one is going to fall on him (or any of us for that matter) while we're outside.

Grandma loves to go to yardsales.  Every week she calls me all excited about her new find.  Since the kids came along her whole focus has changed.  I remember when I would go with her we would drive by and look at what the people had before getting out of the car.  If it was kids' toys and clothes she'd say "nah, let's not bother".  Well, now she's snatching up all the kids' toys and clothes she can find.  Last week she found one of those $250 Barbie Jeeps for $35.  Of course M&J are too little for it but Grandpa was so excited that he had to let them try it out.

Grandpa pushed the pedal from behind with a pole while Chris steered the wheel.  I think they thought it was pretty cool but their favorite part was the phone.

"Hi, DSS?  Yeah, My sister and I are in danger.  Our parents and grandparents are making us ride in a motorized car that isn't safe for us until we are 3.  This thing really has some torque and I just know one of us is going to go flying out.  Yeah, ok, we'll hold tight until you get here.  Thanks."

These are the exersausers that my mom had at her house.  The other day they whined until we put them in.  They were whipping themselves around and jumping up and down and laughing.

For some reason getting under the bar stools in our kitchen is a source of much amusement for Madison and Jackson.  They were cracking up at each other.


Holly said...

Yes, my hubby thought he was funny putting a 30 on the cake instead of 35- I was lovin it ;)

Wes & Rae Leytham said...

These are so great! I love them all and they made me smile. The one of your dad with the pole cracks me up! My parents brought over a VW bug car for Avery (a yard sale find). She wasn't impressed.

Wendy and Karen said...

I'm jealous of the Barbie car! I loved your phone dialog with Jackson--made me laugh.

Hopefully none of you will get hit from the falling nuts (okay that was weird to type).

The Anonymous Platypus and sidekicks said...

I have two of these trees. I thought they were walnuts, but man, they bounce off my roof all night and when it's windy, we don't go outside for fear of concussion. Also, Zoe loves to try to eat the "ball" as well :)