Friday, April 16, 2010

Chris's birthday

Chris's birthday was last week. Our parents came over to celebrate along with Mike, Kristen, Raffe, and Alyssa.
I remembered to get a cake but wasn't together enough to remember candles so we made it work with a tea light that Jackson blew out before we were even done singing happy birthday. My dad was on top of it and lit a match for us to continue singing to.

I really want to know what Kristen is doing to Chris in this photo!


Wendy and Karen said...

Happy Birthday Chris!

Holly said...

Kerry- I have been remiss in checking your blogs- so glad I jumped on today- I CANNOT believe how big the twins are- they are just beautiful!! I hope to see you this summer- we would still love to schedule that "Trash the Dress" shoot with you in July/August if you have some availability :) xoxo Holly