Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cape mini vacation part I

Last week I took the kids to visit Nana Fitzy in Falmouth with Nana, Auntie Courtney and Sophia. We drove down Wendesday morning and got there around noon. We brought the bikes so they rode around in the driveway for a little bit then we all took a walk/ride to the beach. M&J did awesome riding their bikes along with us.

This is the very first beach M&J were ever on almost 3 years ago. It was really sentimental for me especially because it doesn't seem that long ago.

It was really cold but they were having so much fun throwing rocks in the water. Courtney ended up walking back with Sophia because M&J wanted to stay at the beach.

Eventually the lure of the water was too strong. Jackson just couldn't help himself. His shorts got soaked so I took them off.

Maddie joined him so her skirt came off too.

We finally dragged them away. On the way back they were good enough to stop and pose for this photo with a fish mailbox.

Maddie still hates to have her hair brushed. Even when it's not snarly she cries hysterically. In order to get her hair brushed so we could go out to dinner Nana pretended to have a hair salon (not that she even knows what that is) and it totally worked. She let her brush her hair and didn't cry.

We went out for an early dinner at a beautiful restaurant right on the water. M&J had fun playing with their linguini but wouldn't put it near their mouth.

Kisses for Nana. He is the absolute sweetest boy on the planet.

They were getting antsy by the end of the meal so I took them outside on the docks to run around a little.

After dinner we went back to the house and the kids watched the original version of Alice in Wonderland and then went to sleep without too much fuss on their mattresses on the floor in my room. They each woke up a few times during the night. At one point I was sleeping on Maddie's mattress with her then another time Jackson was in a twin bed with me then another time Maddie was in the twin bed with me. After falling asleep and waking up again I realized she was laying with her torso on the bed and her legs hanging off the side. I don't even know how. Then they were up for good around 7.

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