Friday, April 09, 2010

A potty day!

Today was awesome. Chris came home for lunch and got to talking about
them sitting on their potties. He got them out and they were both
excited to sit. Anytime I ask they run into the other room. So they
both sat there for a while. Jackson kept pushing and his face would
get all red and he'd say, "I peed!!". Neither of us really believed
him because he kept saying it. Eventually maddie didn't want to sit
anymore so she got up and got a diaper on. Then Chris told them that
if they went on the potty that they could have his chocolate Easter
bunny. Jackson said, "I already did!". So we had him stand up and
sure enough there was poop and pee in there!!!!! I was so proud of
him I teared up. We jumped all around and hugged him and gave him a
bite of the bunny. Then I took him in the bathroom so he could flush
the stuff down the toilet. I think he was more excited about that
than the chocolate. Once maddie saw the fuss that was made she said
ahe wanted to try again but had no luck. After Jackson went on the
potty I put him in underwear. About 20 minutes later he said he needed
to go so he pulled down his underwear all by himself, sat on the potty
and peed again!!! After that he just stayed naked because after
dumping the pee and rinsing out the potty he would immediately run
back into the living room and sit on the potty again to squeeze out a
little bit more so he could go dump and clean it again. He must have
done that at least ten times. The whole time he was doing that maddie
was following him in and out of the bathroom. Eventually she said she
needed to go so I took off her diaper and she peed!!! She got to
clean it out, have some chocolate and got to wear underwear. A little
while later she said she needed to go again and sat on the potty
without taking her underwear down! So that was a little messy. I got
her new underwear and a little while later she had an accident in her
room all over the rug and some clothes that were on the floor.
Meanwhile Jackson is still squeezing every bit of pee out of his
bladder he can. Jackson ended up going from 12-6 with no diaper on. I
am so proud of them!!!!!