Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter part II

After the kids found all the eggs at home we went up to Gloucester for brunch. I don't think I can remember the weather ever being this nice on Easter. It was fantastic. This was also the first Easter in Paula and Ricky's amazing new kitchen.

This is Gavin with his Grandma. At 15 months he weighs MORE than my three year old boy!

And his beautiful twin sister Gracie

Jackson just loves to play with kids. He's not shy and just gets right in there. Cousin Perri was his buddy for the day. He followed her everywhere she went. At one point we were worried because we hadn't seen Jackson in a while. Turns out he and Perri were hiding in the garage. And he says her name (and mine...) so cute! It's like Peeri. He is so damn cute!!

Sophia at her first Easter...

When they started the egg hunt I knew Jackson was going to open the eggs to see what was inside of them. And he did. The first one he found he opened immediately, saw there was nothing in it and tossed it to the ground. I got him to go find more though.

Maddie and Cousin Jill jumping rope...

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