Friday, April 01, 2011

March 18th. My mom's birthday

The kids and I spent the day with my mom for her birthday. We hung around her house for a little while where the kids rode their scooters on the newly enlarged back deck.
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My mother needed to pick something up at a shop about 40 minutes away so we all went for a ride to do that. It was a beautiful day so when we got back we took the kids to a culdesac near her house so they could ride their bikes for the first time this year. Maddie kept saying she forgot how to ride with no training wheels even while she was riding. Silly!

We went home for a little while to have dinner then met up with my mom and dad at my aunt Judy's for cake.

While we were there I took my camera and tripod outside to take some pictures of the full moon. I was very happy with what I got!

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Back inside my dad thought he was being funny with the candles.
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She still doesn't have any grey hair!
My mom's 59th birthday 3-18-2011.  Her hair is completely dye free too! (17 of 18)

This is just a random picture of Jackson.
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