Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random iphone photos

I'm pretty good about having my camera with me a lot of the time but sometimes I don't and I'm thankful for my iphone in those moments.

Jackson begged me for these carrots. He was so excited to get them and bring them to the table. He even ate a couple which quite frankly I was shocked at. But this was the look he gave them after a short amount of time.
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I love this picture. It was taken on M&J's birthday when Chris and I took them to friendly's.
IMG_0719 (1 of 1)

Here I was shocked to find that Madison can draw a person. Once again I never taught her how to do this. At our parent teacher conference a couple weeks ago the teacher said that most kids at this age are expected to be able to draw a head with legs that come right off the head and that's about it. The teacher was thrilled that her people have bodies and even fingers and toes. Since this picture was taken she is now adding lots of hair to her people.
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Last week at swim class we stayed after class and swam quite a bit with their classmate Noah. They had so much fun playing together. Madison and Jackson are able to touch the ground in the shallow end and once they discovered that they really started to play around. They even started to jump into the water from the side all on their own! They're getting more comfortable with getting their faces wet.
After we were done swimming we went into the locker room and I asked them if they wanted to take a shower. They've never done that so they were very excited.
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Last weekend we had a birthday party for our friend Sabine who we met at the grocery store last summer. Her cake was soooo cute.
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But the black frosting made it look like a goth party.
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After 11 years it was time to say goodbye to our very beat up couch and over-sized chair and welcome a new couch and love seat. With the same amount of seating space the pieces are smaller over all making the room look much bigger. Plus the style of the new ones are more tailored and straight rather than soft and squishy. (that's the old one in the middle of the room making way for the new one)
IMG_0826 (4 of 6)

Jackson on the new couch.
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Courtney said...

Yay for new furniture! I didn't know you guys got new stuff. Don't let the kitty use this one as her scratching post! :-)

Kerry Lynn said...

It was pretty spontaneous. We looked online Friday evening, saw the stuff at Jordan's and decided to go and get it that night. It was delivered on Tuesday.

Kitty will be getting claw covers. I'd love to try to train her properly but i just can't take the risk if it doesn't work!

Courtney said...

Claw covers work great (so I've heard). I would also try getting her one of those scratching pads that we got our kitties- it comes with a little cat nip to entice them to use it. If all else fails, use a spray bottle with water. :-)